July 30, 2009

you just keep on saying the same thing over and over doesn't mean anything

I haven't listened to an album where all the songs have been instant favorites in a long time. In fact, not since Weezer's Pinkerton.

Discovery's self-titled LP has just been doing it for me lately. Discovery is basically indie wunderkinds Ra Ra Riot and Vampire Weekend, both of which I don't really listen to, but when mixed together, oh boy. It started with Osaka Loop Line. I'm trying to work out a guitar tab for this sucker, but alas, my theory skillz are zero. Luckily, my future roommate/best bud is an insanely awesome music minor.

Now, I can't stop listening to their cover of the Jackson 5's I Want You Back. AHHHHH!!! This is like mixing... oh heck, I don't know. Red vines and Dr. Pepper. Yeah. Alone, they're pretty awesome. But when you mix them together (particularly, when you bite off both ends of the red vine and use it as a straw for the Dr. Pepper), IT'S AWESOME.

Looking at Weezer and Discovery, they're pretty different. It's interesting how tastes go in different directions as time goes on and you get older. Notice I didn't say change-- I still love Weezer with all my heart (although I do have a few bones to pick with Rivers concerning a couple of songs off the Red Album).


Do-Maura-rigatou said...

yes omg thank you. he's become such a freaking tool. i don't know what happened :(
i miss the old rivers.
but i was listening to my pinkerton album in my car on blast the other day.
every single song is a winner.