July 02, 2009

a good day

I woke up at 8:37 this morning,
saw through the slats of my blinds that it was another sunny day
but took my sweet ass time to get out of bed.

I slid my computer out from under my bed
and watched a few episodes of "Important Things With Demetri Martin."
It's a good sign when the first thing of the day that comes out of your mouth
is a laugh.

I got up and out of bed at 9:30
pulled on my yoga sweats
and did an hour of sun salutations
and during that hour
I just felt so good.

(maybe it was also due to the fact that I usually can only make it through 30 minutes of yoga before having to call it quits)

After, I went to the backyard
did a few more sun salutations--
it was just so pretty outside--
grabbed my kniting
let the cat out into the yard
and knit until I got hungry
where I then made an
english muffin/sausage/egg/cheese combo
(definitely tastier than a mcmuffin).

I'm writing it all here
because it's as close I can get
to bottling it up
like a magnum of wine
so that whenever the mood strikes
I can pop the cork
and drink to my good health.


Do-Maura-rigatou said...

sounds delightful :)