September 16, 2009

Show #1: Hello!

Osaka Loop Line 4:02 Discovery LP (Bonus Track Version)
Down Boy 3:54 Yeah Yeah Yeahs Is Is (EP)
Gifted (feat. Kanye West, Santogold & Lykke Li) 3:39 N.A.S.A.
Souled Out!!! 3:29 Conor Oberst
Sway 3:34 The Kooks
Pot Of Gold f. Daniel Merriweather (prod Mark Ronson) 3:46 Wale
2 Weeks 'til Prom 3:24 Lil Wayne and Grizzly Bear
Tokyo 2:53 Telekinesis!
Come Around [Ft. Timbaland] 3:54 M.I.A.
The View from the Afternoon 3:38 Arctic Monkeys
It's Not My Fault (It's My Fault) 2:34 Discovery
Headdress 4:38 Amazing Baby
One Day You'll Be There 3:51 +/-

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You're probably confused. Here's an outline of the past two weeks.

Krystle: Cliff's Notes on Crack

1. Week 1
A. Picked up at airport by car full of crazy college kids.
- Cried a little
- Listened to gangster rap all the way home
B. Move in
- AWESOME, in terms of room and roommate.
C. Classes
a. Biochemistry
- Scary as heck.
b. Japanese
- Definitely not a piece of cake, but still really fun.
c. Corruptions of the Republic
- I've never had to do so much reading in a single night in my entire life. But definitely worth it.
d. Cancer Biology
- It's really really interesting... I just have a very hard time staying awake at 2 in the afternoon. FOOD COMA.
E. Other things
- Percussion ensemble: still getting four-mallet callouses back. Painful process.
- Biol 101 TA-ing: lots of fun so far. plus I get paid. :)
D. First Weekend
- I'm a lightweight.
- Awesome dancing and people.
- Definitely shed a tear.
- Getting old. Old old old.
c. Awesome ride back to Tacoma from Seattle with military family that made me miss the military community. Strange juxtaposition.
2. Week 2
A. Work starts to pile up, but nothing too bad.
B. Submit applications for:
- Phone-a-thon job
- KUPS DJ position
a. interview for position on Tuesday. Nervous wreck. Babble a lot.
C. Study, study, study
- I suck at biochemistry.
D. The Weekend
- Chiillllll. Very much needed. Watched lots of movies. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly is great.
3. Week 3... so far!
A. Monday
- Study, study, study. Maybe I don't suck so much at biochemistry.
- Get phone call from radio station saying I got position! Jump around chemistry resource room like a five year old while everyone around me is trying to study amino acids.
- Stay up until 3 AM paper writing + life.
B. Tuesday
- Too tired to do anything efficiently.
- Have phone interview for phone-a-thon job. Scary, but good.
- Make above CD for tomorrow's show.

Now you're all caught up.