December 22, 2009

Stereotyping People By Their Favorite Author

Some of my favorites:

Chuck Klosterman

Boys who don’t read.

Chuck Palahniuk

Boys who can’t read.

Leo Tolstoy

Guys I want to date.

Fyodor Dostoevsky

Guys I want to sleep with. (The difference between the two Russian authors lies in the fact that I think the Underground Man is sexier than Pierre Buzukhov).

Jane Austen (or Bronte Sisters)

Girls who made out with other girls in college when they were going through a “phase”.

Haruki Murakami

People who like good music.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Men who can’t lie but will instead be silent if they know you don’t want to hear the truth.

From here.

December 14, 2009


Krystle: Cliff's Notes on Crack, Take 2

I. Currently, It's Finals Week
A. Two Exams
i. Japanese
- Just started hard-core studying... today. It's on Wednesday.
ii. Biochemistry
- Shit.
B. Two Papers
i. Politics
- Really interested in it, but also really stuck on it
ii. Cancer Biology
- Ditto.

II. In the Past Semester, I've Had...
A. Radio Show
i. AWESOME. Thanks for tuning in, guys. I'll be returning next semester: stay tuned in for times.
B. Phone-a-thon job
i. Also awesome. Also pays ridiculously well.
ii. I love my co-workers.
C. Bio 101 TA position
i. Quite a learning experience, but in the best way possible.
ii. Also pays ridiculously well.
iii. Two jobs = awesome.
D. Classes?
i. Biochem- AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i'm just not chemistry-minded. JUST PASS ME PLEAAASEEE.
ii. Cancer biology- it's been boot camp, but i feel good about it at this end of things.
iii. Japanese- I think I'm pretty solid here.
iv. Politics of Corruption- I love being a politics minor.

III. Next Semester
A. Classes
i. Biochemistry II- Oh lord.
ii. Japanese 102- WHOOOO
iii. Modern Japanese Literature- Holler.
iv. Art 101- HOLLER.
v. Biology Research Proposal Seminar- Involves writing my summer research proposal for biology research... and possibly my senior thesis. JESUS CHRIST I'M OLD.
vi. Yes, this is academic overload, and I mean actual academic overload as in "too many credits."
B. Jobs
i. Still working at the phone-a-thon
ii. Just found out today that I have a new bio TA position, except instead of 101, they've booted me up to 311 (genetics). It's going to be a busy semester.
C. Other stuff
i. DJ-ing. :)
ii. Possibly yoga classes at the studio close to campus. See below.
iii. Due to unfortunate puddle-jumping accident, I may have to renege on my half-marathon until the next year (2011). I'm going to try running tomorrow and see how my knee feels after that.

IV. Life
A. Who Knows?
i. and it's perfectly fine.

December 11, 2009

almost there!