July 19, 2009

Lovely Weekend

It's early Monday morning, and I'm up with the heat, allergies (I can't stop sneezing long enough to fall asleep BOO) and restlessness... so here I am!

I had a good weekend. It started Friday afternoon, when my mom came home early from work and took my sister and me to see the newest Harry Potter movie... which was awesome. I could definitely feel the growing pains of all of the characters, although it was overplayed a bit more in the movie than in the novel. Definitely worth the $8 for the matinee ticket and then the $4 for the hot dog. I thoroughly enjoyed myself when my mom screamed as an inferi reached out to grab Harry's hand during the cave scene.

{photos: google, Teen Vogue}

Okay, the last shot definitely isn't from the movie, but goodness, it's a lovely one.

In any case, I got more yarn to finish my sister's garter-stitch scarf. It's thicker, fluffier stuff than my brown wool one. I also got circular bamboo needles and some of this lovely, oatmeal-colored wool yarn for a scarf for my dad. I'll try to do a ribbed stitch for it, but I'm terrible at purling. I just realized the other day that although I'm right-handed, I make my knits Southpaws-style. Odd.

Anyhow, I'm still really happy over the deal I got on a french press. I've been wanting one for some time now and finally snagged the bodum chambord for only $19. It also came with two gorgeous double-walled insulated glass cups. Waking up for biochem and politics will be so much nicer next semester.

Saturday, I went to Towson. You know, Towson: home of Michael Phelps, Goucher College (which apparently, is very similar to my college) and an awesome town center chock-full of neat little shops...one of which is Anthropologie, which I cannot help but love and begrudge at the same time. I always go in ridiculously excited, but come out very sad because everything is ridiculously expensive. However, it was different this time, as I came out with this beauty. The picture doesn't do it justice.

I got it with the intention of wearing it to one of my high-school bbf's late-summer wedding, but the main draw was its versatility. A cardigan and/or peacoat, some grey wool cable-knit tights, converse, and a long scarf would definitely make this a nice fall/winter dress, too.

Sunday was full of gardening, grocery shopping, and chicken-salad sandwhich eating on the porch while reading an old favorite, The Mists of Avalon. Oh goodness, I'd forgotten how much I love chicken-salad sandwhiches, which are my staple meal back at school. Lucky for me, the kind I got at costco has cranberries in it. Oh, and I finally got batteries for the camera, so I'll be catching up on my scarve-ing. :)

Ack. It's nearly 2:30 AM. My usual remedy for sleeplessness: Scrubs. I'm ready, Doctor Dorian.