October 18, 2009

things in my closet i am loving right now

My navy-blue Hunter wellies I got because
1. it's amazing I've gone three years here in the PNW without rainboots;
2. i got PAID, son;
3. and i'm going on a train/walk daycation to Portland tomorrow, and it's going to rain.
4. the salesman at nordstrom was sweet.
Plaid. It is my goal in Portland tomorrow to find more plaid shirts at my favorite vintage store, buffalo. Well that, and pants... because all of mine have holes in them. Agh.

Cable-knit tights. Definitely will help me stretch out my love of shorts for a week or two into the fall.
This awesome dress I got from Gap. The silhouette is definitely not the same on me-- I got it in a larger size on accident, but I like it-- the length skims the tops of my knees, and the cut of it, while a little large, is pretty interesting and flattering. It took me a while to get used to it, though. My initial reaction was "I LOOK LIKE A GRANDMA."

Anyhow. End of my consumerist rambling. I'm on fall break right now, so I have quite a bit of extra time to shop. :)


October 07, 2009

tell me why

is it possible to work your ass off but still feel so frustrated?

I'm doing something wrong. Maybe I'm trying to pursue something not quite meant for me.

But how was that possible in the first place?

October 01, 2009

Life Update

as inspired by Maura


I. Krystle Has
A. Two jobs.
a. Biology 101 TA
- Science? Awesome. Getting paid to look at pond scum and all the little critters living in it? Even more awesome.
b. Alumni Caller
- New people to meet! Yay.
- Also pays awesome.
B. A radio show.
a. This is Science: Mondays and Wednesdays at KUPS 90.1 FM, 10-11 AM. Stream online here.

II. Krystle Is
A. Busy
a. Two four-hundred level classes
- Biochemistry
- Cancer Biology
b. One three-hundred level class
- The Politics of Corruption
c. Finally finishing up my foreign language requirement
- Japanese.
i. I wonder if I would have liked it as much as I do now if I took it back in Japan. Hmm.
B. Braindead
a. I had three exams yesterday... for both of my four hundred level classes and my japanese class.
b. I didn't do anything today.
- But it's alright.

III. Overall
It's a reflective time in my life, but having music and good company is keeping everything in perspective.


Speech Debelle

The Blue Scholars

Only two of a ton of new artists I'm loving.

I love being a radio DJ. The music library is AMAZING. CDs stacked from the floor to the ceiling on all of the walls not occupied by the transmitter and the equipment.