July 28, 2009

i'm a girl...

...therefore, i love shoes.

i have quite a few.

okay, more than quite a few. at last count, i'm sure i had more than thirty pairs. but since then, i've given quite a few to the thrift store and am determined to reform my immoral shoe ways. "quality over quantity" is my new mantra.

so, i guess it boils down to this: black flats are a staple in my everyday wardrobe. Before my awesome velcro onitsukas, they were my go-to shoes at 7:30 AM. Also, I admit: I've idolized Belle's black flats ever since I can remember.

I've also coveted her library, but that's another story.

In any case, I've had my flats for a good three years, and they've taken a beating. Time to replace!

I've fallen in-love with Repetto, a French brand that appeals to the inner ballerina in all of us. (At least, in me. I don't know about you, but when I was a little girl, I was definitely a ballerina for at least the first five Halloweens of my life.) I'm loving the ankle ties-- so sweet, yet so practical! No more icky flip-flop noises accompanying you wherever you walk. The t-strap also adds a little oomph to an otherwise oh-it's-another-black-patent-flat silhouette of the shoe. However, being handmade, Repettos usually are rather pricey-- these are rather steep for my wallet at 169 Canadian dollars at Gravity Pope. Makes sense: quality shoes, big price. Le sigh.
A more reasonably-priced alternative could be these Ralph Lauren Kristi flats. I like the idea of grey as a new black, and a suede outer rather than the usual patent or matte leather finish. Once again, with the ankle strap-- it's a small, feminine, yet practical addition.
But knowing me, I'll probably just get another pair of chucks. You can never ever go wrong with chucks. And they definitely last at least two years. That's quality!

I just realized I've been singing the glories of ankle ties, t-straps, and grey-as-the-new-black for at least five hundred words.

"Grey as the new black." Wow. Am I doing the right thing being a biology major?