August 10, 2009

movie theater time!

Meryl Streep looks super-happy in these pictures.
feel-good movie + happy characters + food = excitement!

Julia & Julia looks scrumptious-- any movie about cooking can count me in! Oh, and any movie with Meryl Streep in it, too. It's a shame that movie theaters don't allow outside food; popcorn just wouldn't cut it here. Eating macarons or something totally cooking-channel worthy during the movie would totally round out the movie-going experience.

Lately, I've been uber-obsessed with macarons-- as soon as I can eat solids again, I'm totally making these!

Another one I'm excited for: Eat, Pray, Love. After seeing the book pretty much EVERYWHERE for the past year or so, I caved in a few months ago and got myself a copy. Best impulse buy ever! It was like taking a nice bubble bath, except the bubbles didn't run out, the water stayed warm, and my fingers didn't get raisin-y. After reading it, I felt refreshed.

{Picture from here.}

So the movie is definitely something I'm looking forward too, especially since one of my favorite actresses-- Julia Roberts-- is playing Liz Gilbert, the author and main character of the book.

I love uplifting movies! Just thinking about these two (and macarons) makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

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