August 20, 2009

I Spy: Heading Back to the PNW Edition

Sorry I've been away for a while-- my (usually) trusty mac is down and is heading to the genius bar this Saturday. Bleargh. In addition to that, I'm in the very slow process of packing up to move back West. You know what that means: I SPY!

I spy with my little eye: my eventual alma mater, hair products (2), a childhood friend, awesome people, and the eighth wonder of the world (post-running).

I spy: six shoes, three toes, Harold and Kumar, and my new phone. :)

I spy: pandas (2), the best band in the world, and a crapload of clothes. Hahaha.

Also... I finally got my hair cut! This is the shortest its ever been. I was really nervous, but the stylist was amazing-- she kept telling jokes and kept me talking the entire time. My dad told me a I look like a boy when he first saw me, and my mom said that I looked like "oh, what's her name? Lindsay Lohan's girlfriend?" (answer: Sam Ronson, which is fine. I like her hair. I just thought it tickling that my mom had any idea about those sort of things. She must watch too much E! News when I'm away.)

However, the downside to it is that I wake up in the morning looking like an emo kid, sans eyeliner and highlights. Not that I have anything against them as a whole-- their hair isn't just for me, though.

Alright, that's all for now! Oh, and soon-to-be update on my craft blog!