August 04, 2009

fall 2009

Fall has always been my favorite season. Crisp air, wood smoke and crunchy leaves are some of my favorite things about it. But my favorite is the clothes: long scarves that swallow you, earthy wool, and chunky cable-knit sweaters in rich plums and verdant greens. And plaids, greys, and leather.


How I wish I could dress everyday.
the usual

A pretty accurate depiction of how I dress everyday (with some additions: I only wished I owned that watch... or had a watch at all), right down to my backpack and the three things I always carry around. And yes, those are hair ties. At any given moment, there are at least a dozen strewn throughout my backpack and pockets. Not shown: huge binders full of bio and chem notes, enormous Kiki's Delivery service pencil case, and the belt I borrowed from my housemate.