August 12, 2009

i love me some internet shopping + sister + other news (yes, it's one of those posts)

{photos from modcloth}

I haven't shopped in a while, so this is a nice change.

The shoes are for the wedding I'll be going to in September. However, I can also see myself wearing them with my straight-leg jeans, crisp blue button-up and wool pinstriped vest for class-- in this economy, versatility is a must!

As for the shirt, I've been admiring it for quite some time on modcloth, and when I saw that there was only one medium left...! I couldn't let it be one of those pieces that got away. It's a very romantic, feminine shirt, and the construction is so old-world and gorgeous looking. This shirt will be best friends with my high-waisted trouser jeans.


I'm feeling much better now. I only take vicodin twice a day, and at half the dose I was doing a week ago. I'm so much better for it-- the vicodin was making me feel wonky. I have my post-op appointment tomorrow.

{picture by my sister}

My sister's been away at day-time marching band training, so I've had the house to myself for a good chunk of time this week. I didn't realize until I woke up on Monday and didn't have my sister to abruptly wake up by tickling that I'd be a little lonely. Max makes good company, although he constantly makes me feel guilty for not letting him outside. We're in the process of fencing off the area underneath our porch, and as a result, we had to apply lawn killer to the earth underneath. Lawn killer + cat that eats anything = not so good.

But my sister. She'll be done on friday-- they're ending with a season preview performance, which I'm looking forward to. My sister + big snare drum harness + marching = pretty awesome and possibly pretty interesting. She's a bean pole, although a bean pole that's determined to be awesome at playing the drums. Which she is.

(Can you tell I'm proud?)


In other news, my phone (a two-year old razr) has unexpectedly crapped out on me. I've taken pretty good care of it, so I'm fairly bewildered. The key pad just randomly decides not to work, although the times it doesn't work tend to be the times I need it the most. However, I managed to catch my phone off-guard and wrote down all my numbers. So it could be worse. But now I'm in need of a new phone, which is looking like it'll be an iPhone. Maybe. I'm a bit on the fence because although the phone itself is pretty affordable (in comparison to the olden days), the plan is kind of pricey (I inquired a while ago at an at&t store). However, I am quite a pedestrian and the google maps feature would be a magnificent thing to have whenever I make trips to seattle.


Also, I've been searching for that second job as a coffee barista. I've only submitted a resume to one place, but their correspondence seems to be rather spotty. I imagine the owner must be busy-- I gathered from the job posting that the cafe is in its beginning stages. So I'm trying not to sweat it. The cafe is about three miles away from campus, which is not so bad. Any excuse to get off-campus plus + regularly have a 3-mile bike ride is awesome. The route looks like a straight shot, so it would be a rather pleasant 3-mile ride, too. I'm crossing my fingers.

Still, if it doesn't pull through, that leaves more time to volunteering or even getting back into the swing of doing lab research. And there's always a possibility of taking a second TA job the following semester. Or I could even take a biology colloquium course to prep for applying for summer research, but phew, that's thinking way ahead.

Ah. More money, more worries, that's for sure. But I'm doing well all the same. In any case, I believe it's good to have a little stress about those important things-- although the fear of falling between the cracks is always in the back of your mind, the likelihood of it actually happening is greatly diminished. And that's what matters.