August 10, 2009

haircut 2

My hair's been acting the fool lately.

Well sort of. I stopped conditioning it every day to let the natural oils do their work, and as a result, my normally fine hair has gotten a bit thicker and much healthier. Which is what I wanted, but I didn't realize that as a result my hair would assume a triangular shape. Think Mia from the Princess Diaries movie, pre-make over.

I love the princess diaries. It's one of my favorite book series/movies of all time.
Who doesn't love make-over sequences?

But anyhow, here are a few pictures of haircuts I like. I like not having to condition regularly-- my hair got oily pretty quickly when regular conditioning was the norm-- so my solution is to cut it short. Really short.

What do you think?

{pictures from google, the sartorialist, karlas closet, bumble and bumble}