June 30, 2009

Worth the plunge?

So, I've been wanting some last-a-lifetime quality boots for a while now. I think I've passed that age where I would rather have worn-in and familiar things over new things; you know, things I can eventually pass on to my kids. I've been rooting through boxes upon boxes of old clothes from the 80s, and I must say, it's pretty awesome when I find an old shirt of my dad's that I can wear.

I'm feeling very sentimental right now.

But the big question is: are three-hundred and forty eight buckaroos too much to drop?


Jennifer said...

hmmm... on real leather boots?

sure, if they are like perfect. haha i have been looking for some boots too, but they never have my size :X

Do-Maura-rigatou said...

yeah i agree with jenn. if they're amazing then sure, but otherwise that's a lot. so just be sure they're exactly what you want.