June 21, 2009

Summer Mix Oh! NINE

Old habits die hard, but with a twist: youtube clips included!

1. Coast of Carolina, Telekinesis.
I love that the drummer is the singer and that the bassist is a chick (which usually leads to awesomeness, e.g. The Smashing Pumpkins).

2. Nothing to Worry About, Peter Bjorn and John
Sooo catchy. The "video" is just the song playing.

3. Gorgeous Behavior, Marching Band
The kids in the video are really cute.

4. Cable TV, Fol Chen
The video is pretty neat.

5. Mykonos, The Fleet Foxes

6. Avril 14th, Aphex Twin
One of those kind, quiet songs. The piano is really pretty.

7. The Future Freaks Me Out, Motion City Soundtrack
An old kickback to high school. Specifically, summer before junior year. :) After watching the video, I remember how much I liked the lead singer's hair...

8. She Said Oh Oh Oh, I Said Yeah Yeah Yeah, Gem
I wonder what the chorus is... in any case, it's very catchy.

9. My Girls, Animal Collective
I'd never listened to A.C. until just recently, but this song really caught my attention.

10. Kids, The Kooks covering MGMT
I like both versions enough, but I'm more partial to acoustic guitars.

11. Don't Give Up the Fight, The Magic Numbers
Another kickback to high school, especially senior year.

12. Firefly, Jane Lui
I'm a sucker for anything acoustic. Plus, J.L.'s voice is just sultry, but in a refreshing way. The video is actually of her playing the song. :)

13. The APL Song, The Black Eyed Peas
For one, the chorus that figures throughout the entire song is actually from another song that I grew up listening to (Balita, by Asin). I thought this was an appropriate song because well, I don't know. I've been feeling a lot more displaced than usual these days, and I figure a good way to lessen that is by going back to my roots... something this song kind of does for me.
>here< - 14. First of the Gang to Die, Zee Avi covering Morissey

15. You'll Be Safe Here, Rivermaya
I just realized a lot of these songs are by asian artists. Holla! In any case, Rivermaya is one of my favorite bands from the good ol' PI.

16. Between the Bars, Elliot Smith


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this is amazing man.