January 06, 2009

Playlist I: The Musings of a Faux East Coaster.

To entertain you (but mostly me): a playlist of sorts!

1. Cuddle Fuddle, Passion Pit.
I'm a fan of the general favorite, Sleepyhead-- thank you, November indie rock playlist. So I checked out the rest of their material after having S. stuck in my head constantly, and I was drawn to this one after I gave their record a
good listen.

2. I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked, Ida Maria.
Don't let the title throw you off... mostly because there's nothing to be thrown off about. The song is exactly what you think it's about, except Norwegian Ida Maria manages to give it a surprisingly poignant twist, lyrics-wise. Music-wise, the song is so damn catchy.

3. The Last Day of Our Love, The Bird and the Bee.
Whenever I listen to The Bird and the Bee, I marvel at their loungey, jazzy, yet poppy style. I love the organ in this song.

4. Again and Again, The Bird and the Bee.
If I was in a white dress and spinning around in a vast green field, surrounded by balloons, this would be the song I would want to be playing in the background.

5. Two Atoms in a Molecule, Noah and the Whale.
Undoubtedly, you've heard "Five Year's Time," courtesy of that one car commercial that played all the time during this past summer. Well, Two Atoms is just as catchy. And I like it because I like science. Especially molecules.

6. The Shade You Hide, Lukestar.
Your usual alt. rock angsty anthem, but I really like the intro.

7. Come Around [with Timbaland], M.I.A.
I love the beats in all the M.I.A. songs, but this one just has that extra something that makes it even better.
And the chorus is caaatchy. You WILL get it stuck in your head.

8. Flume, Bon Iver
I actually just started listening to him yesterday (thank you NPR music)-- it started off with Skinny Love, and although For Emma is the centerpiece of the album, I love Flume. Every song has a story. The entire album is a story. I just like the chapter called Flume. This guy is a story.