January 25, 2009

I doubt I could live without the internet.

Kitsune Noir
An awesome design blog; there's a daily desktop project going on, and the desktops are siiick.

The Cherry Blossom Girl
I still dream of tea parties and pink dresses with frills. And in France? That's even better.

Because no amount of hours spent at the library studying, times in your professor's office spent questioning, and number of times you do the practice exam, you will never redeem yourself for making only a B+ on that last biology exam. Automatic disgrace!

But reading about other's disgrace totally makes that B+ look peachy (just don't tell my parents). You know what I'm talking about!!!!!!!!!!

I've always had a hard time relying on recipes from the internet, but this website is grade-a legit. I'm excited to try out their iced lemongrass tea once I am reunited with met mart, my one true love.

Sweet Sassafras
Reading this DIY clothing blog totally makes me want to revamp my entire wardrobe armed with nothing but cloth, thread, buttons and a singer machine.

Because I love Seattle and I love street look books.


Great Oden's Raven said...

www.tastespotting.com = love