January 07, 2009

I think that my font gets smaller every post.

So, new year's resolutions: I figure I'm due to talk about it sometime soon, and sooner is better than later, which is always better than never... but never gets you nowhere. So here I am, queen of circular reasoning.


1. HIP MUFFINS. Get. Rid. Of.
I really should run more. I live in a theme house on campus where I'm supposed to be out and about quite frequently... which I am not. See number 3 on list.

2. Regain guitar callouses. I'm out of practice.
I tried playing an old favorite a while ago, and it HURT. Music shouldn't have to hurt... that much. Can anybody say "awful yellow-covered warm-up piano exercise book"? Yeah. See number 3 and number 8.

3. Stop being a flake! Flake flake flake.
It may have to do with the fact that I am just downright forgetful at times. Oh, I don't know.

4. Be a better vegetarian.
Because it's good for me and good for the animals.

5. Stay in better touch with people.
Also falls into the category of number 3. I've been good about that so far, and it just feels really good to know how everybody from my past and present is doing. I feel fuller these days.
And not just fuller of meat (see number 4).

6. Stop being anxious about everything.
Who's Queen of the 3 AM Anxiety Attack About the Assignment That is Due in Two Weeks?
I'll tell you who: Me.

7. Stop cracking knuckles, or else I will get arthritis at 30.
Yeah. Arthritis. No fun if I want to keep using my hands.
But I may be doomed already. You know, keyboards and computers.

8. Be more patient.
I've been hiding behind the excuse "I'm too busy to be patient." That hasn't been fair for the people around me, and for myself, as well. I'm never too busy to give a damn about the people I care about.

9. Don't be afraid to be a bitch when necessary, a.k.a. stop passive-aggressive asian behavior NOW.
Hey you, guy behind the grill in the SUB: GIVE ME MORE GADDAMN FRIES.

10. Sleep better; sleep MORE.
And stop being a cranky college student with no patience, not enough food, too much anxiety and not enough energy to get up and run.