February 25, 2010

Krystle: Cliff's Notes on Crack, Part 3


I. Classes
A. Art 101
i. It's great, but WHO KNEW ART WAS HARD?? I'm a sucker for ever thinking it was going to be an easy class.
B. Self and Society in Modern Japanese Literature
i. This is where I'm very conscious of being a science major who knows nothing about analyzing texts for their literary significance.
Professor: "What did you like about this novel?"
Me: "That it was a novel-- I never get to read those!"
C. Metabolic Biochemistry
i. Is actually not that bad. I like glycolysis. It's very useful.
D. Japanese 102
E. Research Proposal Grant Writing
i. I'm super-excited. If all goes well, I will be dissecting flies and making their insides glow all summer. Grossness in the name of science!
ii. Also super-stressful... but it's pretty awesome all the same.

II. Work
A. Genetics TA-ing
i. Difficult when you've had class and/or lab with all of your TA students. Always have to be on your toes!
ii. I find that I doubt myself a lot when it comes to genetics, but it's still fun re-learning all this stuff I learned a year ago.
B. The Link
i. Fun, but difficult. C'est la vie.

III. Life, and other things
A. Radio show
i. I have two this semester: one by myself (a) and another (b) with one of my best buds, Jenny.
a. THIS IS SCIENCE: Airs every Wednesday from 10-11 AM, PST.
b. Bespectacled Radio: Airs every Friday from 10-11 AM, PST. Someone called in last week pretending to be Jar-Jar Binks. I love college... and morning bakers.
B. I am wholly, entirely me, but not without complications.
C. No music in my life this semester, e.g piano lessons, percussion ensemble, wind ensemble, etc. Very saddening, but it's okay. Maybe senior year? Who knows.


Jennifer said...

I can view your blog again! Hooray!!! :D