December 14, 2009


Krystle: Cliff's Notes on Crack, Take 2

I. Currently, It's Finals Week
A. Two Exams
i. Japanese
- Just started hard-core studying... today. It's on Wednesday.
ii. Biochemistry
- Shit.
B. Two Papers
i. Politics
- Really interested in it, but also really stuck on it
ii. Cancer Biology
- Ditto.

II. In the Past Semester, I've Had...
A. Radio Show
i. AWESOME. Thanks for tuning in, guys. I'll be returning next semester: stay tuned in for times.
B. Phone-a-thon job
i. Also awesome. Also pays ridiculously well.
ii. I love my co-workers.
C. Bio 101 TA position
i. Quite a learning experience, but in the best way possible.
ii. Also pays ridiculously well.
iii. Two jobs = awesome.
D. Classes?
i. Biochem- AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i'm just not chemistry-minded. JUST PASS ME PLEAAASEEE.
ii. Cancer biology- it's been boot camp, but i feel good about it at this end of things.
iii. Japanese- I think I'm pretty solid here.
iv. Politics of Corruption- I love being a politics minor.

III. Next Semester
A. Classes
i. Biochemistry II- Oh lord.
ii. Japanese 102- WHOOOO
iii. Modern Japanese Literature- Holler.
iv. Art 101- HOLLER.
v. Biology Research Proposal Seminar- Involves writing my summer research proposal for biology research... and possibly my senior thesis. JESUS CHRIST I'M OLD.
vi. Yes, this is academic overload, and I mean actual academic overload as in "too many credits."
B. Jobs
i. Still working at the phone-a-thon
ii. Just found out today that I have a new bio TA position, except instead of 101, they've booted me up to 311 (genetics). It's going to be a busy semester.
C. Other stuff
i. DJ-ing. :)
ii. Possibly yoga classes at the studio close to campus. See below.
iii. Due to unfortunate puddle-jumping accident, I may have to renege on my half-marathon until the next year (2011). I'm going to try running tomorrow and see how my knee feels after that.

IV. Life
A. Who Knows?
i. and it's perfectly fine.